About Us

Sophia’s Diary (www.sophias-diary.com) is a one-stop website that specialises in promoting children’s (and Family) activities and services around Enfield and Barnet. We advertise children’s groups and classes, places to go, relevant community news and local events. Information is tailored, up-to date and easily accessible for local parents. We want parents to find reputable and local contacts for anything they need from the useful services section. This promotes local businesses from various different sectors. The discount card makes us unique as it is the only one that can be used in multiple establishments in Enfield and Barnet.

Sophia’s Diary users can gain information from the following channels:

Website: www.sophias-diary.com
Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/sophiasdiary 
Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/SophiasDiaryCommunityGroup
Twitter: https://twitter.com/andreageorgiou3 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sophiasdiary9630/

Sophia’s Diary Aims:

•Raise the profile of the businesses that join Sophia’s Diary, amongst local parents in Enfield and Barnet •Help the businesses that join Sophia’s Diary gain new clients •To be the number one local website to visit when parents are looking for something for their children •Create a community between the businesses that join Sophia’s Diary and our users •Develop positive relationships and strategic alliances amongst the business on Sophia’s Diary

Mission Statement

Sophia’s Diary communicates what is on for Children and Families in Enfield and Surrounding areas. We provide upto date news and reputable contacts. Our discount card will help save families money. We are also building a strong offline community with our business members and provide them with opportunities to meet and work together.

We are a one – stop website for anything local parents need, saving you time and money

Why Join Sophia’s Diary? What are the benefits?

•Sophia’s Diary actively communicates with users regularly. Social media posts are scheduled every day and users can sign up to receive emails. This has been an effective way of establishing relationships with users and gaining site traffic. We also respond and communicate any changes, updates and achievements from our businesses too. We have created a community amongst thousands of local people. Your business can gain greater exposure from your target market via the website and social media following. We tailor posts and content for the local area, and provide live updates about what our businesses are doing •Networking Opportunities – there is opportunity to meet, work and network with the other businesses on the website. Most of these businesses have a similar target market. The businesses are added to a Closed Facebook Group and invited to social events · Sophia’s Diary has promotional materials in numerous venues and establishments in the local area · Sophia’s Diary is listed on other websites and directories •Sophia’s Diary exhibits at local events where your target market will potentially attend. Face to Face interaction will be gained amongst thousands of visitors •It is a great intermediary between parents and local business that work with children •We are the only independent business in Enfield that specialises in promoting activities and services for young children •To be exposed and gain more engagement with a target audience of local parents •Sophia’s Diary is an independent business owned by a local mum that understands your target market. You will gain friendly, personal and professional advice from someone with a Marketing Degree and that has worked in Advertising •We have links and work with local nurseries, schools and business organisations •This is a growing community, with new users and businesses joining each week. Sophia’s Diary grew organically in the first two years. The majority of business members renew their membership

Packages and Prices

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Please read our Terms and Conditions. These are accepted when a listing is submitted

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“Sophia’s diary is certainly amazing. Teddy Tastic has been with them from the beginning & would highly recommend!”

Sophia’s Diary is such a great concept, from the minute I started using the website for my children’s social life until my business, Crafty Chefs became part of this great website. I have realised just how useful the site is. I have gained fantastic customers through the site who have now become regulars and I’ve made great connections with other businesses. I can’t thank Andrea enough for the support she provides for me & Crafty Chefs.

If I am stuck for things to do with my children then Sophia’s Diary is certainly the place to look!

“We have been with Sophia’s diary for a few years now and we couldn’t be happier with the service we have received. Not only is Sophia’s diary a great way to promote ourselves butwe also feel part of a larger community all working together to provide the best services in our local area. Thank you to Sophia’s Diary for your constant professionalism and support!”