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Clever Storage is every parents’ cry. The first thing to consider when re-designing a room is storage. What do you need to store currently and what will you need storage for in the future? The latter is important, especially when designing a nursery or child’s bedroom.

When purchasing pieces for your little one’s room, buy items that have a dual purpose. For example, ottoman beds are amazing particularly if the room is very small. You can store quilts, throws and pillows under the mattress and access them easily when needed. If you have a little more space, mid and high sleepers usually have clothes storage and a pull-out desk incorporated, this works well in teenagers’ bedrooms.

We recently designed a playroom, in which we created a reading nook. We designed a simple ottoman seat, which housed a drawer, to store books or smaller toys. Some seating can also be designed to be used as a side table.

Lego themed Playroom-reading nook_by MK Kids Interiors (2)

Our clear book ledges are also the perfect book storage for any room. Its transparent nature makes it appear invisible and gives the impression that the books are floating on the wall. It 9cm deep, and therefore does not take up too much space, but can hold approximately 20 -29 books. It’s great for nurseries and toddlers’ rooms; your toddler can easily select the books they want.

If you need a bunk bed, use step drawers paired with under bed drawers to store clothes and shoes. Your under-bed drawers can also cleverly house a third bed for sleepovers.

Feather and Black high sleeper with desk (2)

Baskets are a necessity, especially when designing your nursery. When I became a mother, I soon realised that I needed somewhere to store nappies, wipes, and muslin cloths, but it need to be accessible or easy to transport around the house, with a newborn. Baskets became my best friend. You can store baskets beside the sofa, under a side table, on the shelves, in the cupboards. Baskets are versatile and your child will never outgrow a basket.

Storage baskets on a shelf (2)

At MK Kids Interiors we design rooms for children. No matter how big or small the project, we are happy to help.

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