Arista Kids Nursery


Arista Kids Nursery’s vision is to nurture children in their development by allowing them to actively learn.

Our Mission is to encourage children in achieving their maximum potential using enjoyable and entertaining methods, allowing them to independently learn as well as catering to their individual needs.

Arista comes from a Greek grading system which means “excellent”. At Arista Kids Nursery we strive for excellence in all that we aim to achieve; from providing quality childcare facilities, to improving outcomes for all children on their educational journey at Arista Kids Nursery.

We operate an online learning journal (Tapestry) which creates a story of a child’s time at nursery in which parents can log into and follow their child’s development. We aim to work closely with parents in updating them and involving them in their child’s progress.

Arista Kids Nursery have a commitment to ensure children are safe and secure in a friendly environment that enables them to grow.

Arista Kids Nursery


St Peter's Church Hall

Bounces Road