Broomfield School

A school for our community

As a school serving the community, our vision is to provide your sons and daughters with the very best education.

We want our pupils to excel in all of the many dimensions that make up education in its fullest sense.

Firstly, and centrally, we aim for our pupils to reach their full potential, academically, vocationally and culturally. We also aim for them to excel physically and in sports, as well as in their social, spiritual and moral lives.

In this way, when your sons and daughters come to leave Broomfield School in five years’ time, they willl be knowledgeable, intelligent, well qualified, highly skilled, virtuous and well-rounded individuals able to play their full part in society.

Broomfield School greatly values every child and greatly values education. We believe that every child can achieve and excel.


Our aim is for:

  • all pupils to develop the knowledge, skills, understanding, confidence and the sense of responsibility required to reach their full potential,
  • all pupils to take responsibility for their education and their lives, to make informed decisions and to become independent citizens who contribute positively to society both within the school community and beyond.


Broomfield School is therefore dedicated to ensuring that our School gives great support to learning, development and the well-being of pupils and staff through a strong sense of community. Our School is a community that sets high standards for all its members. We have a vibrant pupil body at Broomfield School which is diverse and has a range of individual needs.

Our ethos is founded on mutual respect and tolerance for every member of the school community. We promote the highest expectations regarding work, behaviour and attendance. Pupils are expected to behave in a responsible manner and to comply with all reasonable requests from members of staff.

Broomfield School

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