Starbright Moments

Glamping at its finest

On a cool summer evening or a cold winter night, we offer exciting children’s indoor teepee party sleepovers in a range of themes. From Tea party to Lego superheroes, we transform your chosen space into a wonderland that is sure to dazzle your child and their guests. Our themes come with additional packages to ensure your child can entertain for hours on end. If sleepovers aren’t their thing, or you may need a space saving option, our teepee parties can be tailored to meet your needs.

We also deliver sessions for preschoolers, where they can relax in the teepees under the stars. We offer story time to capture and spark their imagination and encourage creative storytelling, alongside activities designed to release their creativity.

⛺️ Beautiful teepee, bell tent, igloo parties
🎬cinema, dining, picnics
🌟 Celebrating all ages and occasions
🗺 Based in Mill hill, cover surrounding