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Chiropractic, Cranial work, Sports Therapy

Enfield Chiropractic Clinic offer Chiropractic care for pregnant women (gentle specific techniques). Chiropractic can be used by normal adults with various aches/pains in their joints or muscles and for any nerve problems. we carry out cranial therapy on babies and children. We have sports massage therapy at the clinic as well. our clinic has been established since 1990.

Our Chiropractors not only help you with your symptoms but also help you restore the function of your body. Restoring Spine & Joint health helps you to restore the health of your nervous system (the master system of the body), which in turn will help improve your immune system.  Our aim is to provide you with a warm welcome, excellent service, in a comfortable friendly atmosphere of our clinics.

Everyone is welcome! With experienced Chiropractors and other supportive treatments from our therapists, the Enfield Chiropractic Clinic offers a range of treatments to suit you, your family and friends.

Please come along to our Pregnancy Event – IMPORTANCE OF PELVIC BALANCE IN PREGNANCY

Want to know more about how to avoid back pain, sciatica, PGP, SPD issues in pregnancy?

Do you know anyone trying to get pregnant or is already pregnant?

Were you pregnant and had aches and pains in back/pelvis during your pregnancy? And they are still bothering you after the pregnancy?

Then come to our talk and bring the pregnant women with you…. we will be giving information that will empower the pregnant women with knowledge enabling them to have great health & wellbeing during pregnancy & birth.

Those with post natal back pains will get knowledge to help them resolve their issues.

Reserve your place via eventbrite link in this post.

*please note this is an informative talk only. It does not replace professional advice. If you have medical issues during your pregnancy please see healthcare professionals.


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