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Welcome to Hayward Property Services. We can help all your property services and renovation needs.

Our Services Include:




Painting and decorating






Loft Conversions

Windows and Doors


Does your home need a full makeover from the loft down to the ground?

Maybe you want to modernise your existing home, or maybe you have just bought a new property and want to make it feel like home before you move in.

Hayward’s specialise in this type of project! We provide full hands on management, help and guidance throughout the whole process. We manage suppliers, and co-ordinate all the different trades on a project.

Starting back in 2007 we set out to be the best construction company in the World!

Extreme? Bold? Cheeky?

Maybe, but 11 years down the line we still want that! We want clients to feel confident and happy throughout the whole process that they have the support and expertise on hand to create their dream home whether that’s a new Kitchen or Bathroom or a full top to bottom renovation.

We pride ourselves on our friendly and proactive approach. There’s no such thing as a silly question and if you can dream it we will do all we can to make it a reality.

We believe in personal development and all of our tradesmen and office staff from the apprentices to the Director are encouraged and supported to consistently learn and improve in all areas of their lives and we want to have a lot of fun doing it, work should be fun, creating your dream home should be fun, lets have some fun!

We enjoy our work and adopt the highest levels of professionalism and care towards health and safety.

All of our quotes will be sent fully broken down so you can see and understand where your money is going and what’s included.

Dedication to protecting your home and minimising mess and disruption is as important to us as ensuring the highest quality of work is achieved.

We welcome any questions or enquiries or maybe you’re just after some free and helpful advice? We got you covered! Contact us anytime and we look forward to working with you and bringing your dream home to life.

Lee Hayward