Hazelwood School PTA

HPSA is a registered charity made up of an active and friendly group of parents and staff from Hazelwood Schools that arrange fundraising activities.

A collection of active parents and staff at Hazelwood School that work with the community to put on events and help raise funds for the school.

Welcome to HPSA

HPSA plays an important role in our schools’ community. We raise money for our school to purchase new equipment and learning resources which all our children benefit from. Everyone who has a child at Hazelwood is automatically a member.

Did you know?
On average HPSA raise between £25,000 and £30,000 a year. This figure includes an anonymous donation of £5,000 each year that we are very grateful for.

How do we raise our funds?
Our HPSA volunteers work hard to come up with new events every year. It is through your participation at these events that we are able to raise much needed funds to enable HPSA to support the school.

HPSA is an independent registered charity and we vote at meetings to decide how we support the school with the money we raise.

We invite the community to enjoy our event and be part of our school community.

Hazelwood Cake Bake Off
Sunday 3rd December 12 – 4pm