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Hey there, I am Eleni, founder of Meraki Health.

I am a qualified Family Health Coach Practitioner.

I specialise in helping women to devise new healthy ways of living a life of vitality.

Particularly I am invested in helping mothers to improve their lives for a better future. I want to ensure that the next generation can experience a positive impact on all aspects of health and wellbeing and enjoy a healthy life. After all, every parent wants their child to grow up with ample knowledge on how to eat well, move well, and ultimately feel well.

Implementing a good lifestyle begins before motherhood.

I am passionate about guiding women into a state of holistic wellbeing before conception. With my help, they gain knowledge and confidence in their healthcare, so they are ready to take on the next part of their journey into motherhood with vibrant health.

My process involves a full health review to understand client requirements. Identifying the root causes of any displaying symptoms and understanding their ultimate aims for their health.

Together with the client I use tested methods that are relevant to their goals. This helps them make positive changes to improve their long-term health.

There are online sessions available, for your utmost comfort and safety with reasonable payment plans available on request.

Please connect with me for a healthier future.

To start you on your journey I am giving away a free E-Book called 7 days to better health.

I am also available for a 30-minute free chat, this enables us to know how we can fit together for your better future!

Meraki Health