Nadines Kitchen Lab

Nadines Kitchen Lab

A little about us..

Nadine’s Kitchen Lab is a small family owned business which opened recently in December 2021 and is already Booming with clientele. We cater for events of all kinds! Offering fantastic value, for a fraction of the price. Nadine also has stalls around London selling her Artisan Bakery Products. Her locations are on the upcoming events page. 

Food, for Nadine’s Kitchen Lab, is not just a source of income, it’s a way of life, a sign of love and a way to express appreciation. 

Everything is made with that special ingredient.. LOVE.

Nadine is also a Home-Cooks chef, and Londoners can order her creations through First time users can use code Nadine3414 for £10 of their first order. 

Nadine grew up surrounded by good food and desserts. Her father loved to travel, which meant she would travel along with him and her 2 siblings. Her taste buds where developed from a young age, from eating freshly made cannolis in Venice, to delicate Patisserie in France. 

All Kitchen Lab flavours are inspired from Nadine’s travels around Europe and Beyond. 

We cater for Children’s Parties, and Holiday Clubs. We love making those little faces smile with our Themed Menus!

Nadines Kitchen Lab


Hawley Wharf/Camden Market

Chalk Farm Road


Nw1 8aa


Highview Gardens

Arnos Grove