Pair of Diamonds Fun Casino

Unique Entertainment for All Events

We provide authentic gaming tables for all events so that your guests can play casino style games, like Roulette and Blackjack, just for fun. No licence is needed as we use monopoly style fun money, which can be personalised at your request. The winner at the end of the night receives a prize like a bottle of Champagne. We can also sell our fun money to raise funds at charity events.


How it works: 

As well as a full-size roulette or blackjack table, you also get your very own croupiers who will organise and manage the games for you, teaching everyone how to play and ensuring everyone enjoys the event. Adding to the experience, you will find them friendly and fun whilst being very professional.

Dishing out ‘play money’ to everyone taking part, your party guests can then exchange this for chips, suitable for both roulette and blackjack.  At the end of each casino session, chips are totalled up and the winner gets a super prize, such as the bottle of Champagne that we provide as part of the package or you can provide a prize of your choice.

Areas We Cover

Our fun casino hire service covers areas of North London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Essex, Middlesex and also parts of East and West London, get in touch with the team at Pair of Diamonds today and make sure that your next party goes with a real bang!