PW Counselling

Be the Best Version of You…

PW Counselling offers a safe, therapeutic space in which to explore your inner most thoughts and feelings, without judgement.

You may be at a crossroads in your life, trying to come to terms with a situation, change or challenge, coping with a bereavement, break up, infidelity or be a new mum/dad trying to juggle everything whilst under the guise of being the ‘perfect parent’.

Do you struggle with your past and find this has impacted on your esteem/self worth and relationships? Or perhaps you’re finding it difficult to navigate life after covid.

Whatever your struggles, thoughts, behaviours and feelings, all are all valid; you do not be in crisis to reach out for support.,

I offer online, zoom, appointments, which can be fitted around your life;

I can accommodate, daytime sessions, perhaps if you are working from home or would prefer an appointment whilst the children are at school. I also offer early and later evening appointments.

Free 15 minute meet and greet over zoom.