Rombi Puzzle

Play - Relax - Focus - Learn

Rombi comes out of research and discovery at the cutting edge of specialist education, psychoanalysis and product design as a teaching/learning aid. It is now exceeding all expectations and lending its potential to much wider audiences.

Wooden puzzles are renowned for offering fantastic support for children and adults alike, educational benefits and enhancement of skills.  Rombi is a service, an immediate and long term one. The value in Rombi is in it’s USE.

Puzzles help with skills such as:

Cognitive skills – increases visual spacial awareness

Improving problem solving – sets a goal to be achieved (the puzzle) and development of strategies to achieve that goal. These skills can be transferred later to adult life.

Fine motor development – children are required to pick up, pinch and grasp pieces, slot them together, sort them and fit them. Hand and Eye coordination Social – Encouraging cooperative play

Self-esteem – Accomplishment of achieving a goal brings satisfaction to children Rombi puzzle offers all of the above benefits and so much more.

It is also a tool to support children with the following:




As well as:

  • Reduce learning difficulties in school
  • Reduce procrastination with studying such as homework and projects
  • Reducing anxiety, panic,  bringing about a calmer more focused child (of all ages)
  • Giving them the ability to “get things done” such as passing driving test, passing school exams.

And can help parents/adults with:




As well as give them the ability to:

  • Organise ideas and in turn, themselves
  • Excel at work and at home
  • Flourish in many areas of life
  • Enable them to help their children with studying/homework without overworking
  • Reduce stress

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