Sport4Kids Enfield - Rugby and Football classes - 18 months to 7 years

Welcome to Sport4Kids Enfield! We introduce children's football and rugby classes to our toddlers at 18 months and provide our older children with

Sport4Kids was founded by Steve Jones and Dr Mark Gould, who jointly have a passion for child development, entertainment and sporting excellence. Everything that we do at S4K is designed from the child’s perspective, using the best teaching and coaching methods to provide families with the best sporting experience possible. We refer to this special experience fondly as the “S4K Way”.
The Sport4Kids mission is to revolutionise children’s sport and build confidence in every child. The S4K Way differentiates us from all our competitors and allows us to provide our families with a world class sports education. We prepare our children for a lifetime of competitive sport by building confidence through skills and entertainment to promote a healthy mind, body and active lifestyle. From fun we can develop engagement and from engagement, our children will develop passion. We want to help each child to become the very best that they can be one smile, one moment and one class at a time.


Venues and Class Times


Saturdays @ Southgate School

S4K Toddler Football (18 mnths to 3 years) 9-9.45am

S4K Kickers Football (3-5years) 9.50-10.35am

S4K Toddler Rugby (18 mnths to 3 years) 10.40-11.25am

S4K Cubs Rugby (3-5 years) 11.30-12.15

S4K Strikers Football (5-7years) 12.30-1.15


Sundays @ St Ignatious School


S4K Toddler Football (18 mnths to 3 years) 8.30-9.15am

S4K Kickers Football (3-5years) 9.20-10.05am

S4K Toddler Rugby (18 mnths to 3 years) 10.10-10.55am

S4K Cubs Rugby (3-5 years) 11.00 to 11.45am

S4K Strikers Football (5-7years) 12-1pm


  • Do you offer a free tester session?

    Of course! We believe that it is vitally important that you are able to see whether the Sport4Kids activities are for you and your child. The trial session is designed to allow you to see what Sport4Kids activities have to offer. However, we do emphasise that a child may need more than one session in order to make the most of their time with us and only expect around 30% participation for the first lesson. Most children will not have participated in instructor led activities prior to their visit and this can take time to get used to. After your initial trial session, our experienced coaching team will be able answer any questions that you may have and offer advice on your child’s experience. Click here to select your nearest venue and book your free session.

  • What happens at a tester session?

    Typically, we advise that parents arrive with their child at the venue 5 minutes prior to the start of the class. This allows the coaching team time to get to know you and your child (younger children will usually be hiding behind your leg!) and gradually introduce them to the sport. The child will then partake in the activities with the rest of the class and the parent can be as involved or uninvolved as they choose.

  • How much do classes cost?

    Our classes cost £7.80 each, which is paid by a no minimum recurring payment of £33.75 every month. This payment plan allows parents to be in control of their payments and know exactly when they have paid up until. There is a £30 membership fee when joining Sport4Kids, which will include full football kit and Practice@Home book.

  • Are your coaches qualified?

    Sport4Kids coaches are truly special. It takes 4 months and 24 examinations to move past the trainee level of coach. Coaches graduate through our Coaching Development Pathway, which involves technical coaching, child behaviour management, child psychology and safeguarding. All coaches are DBS checked and extremely passionate about what they do too!

  • Do your classes stop for the summer holidays?

    Our classes do not stop for half-term or the summer holidays so we are always on hand to entertain your children. As a rule, it is generally safe to assume that we are operating. We will of course communicate with you if there are any planned or last minute changes.

Sport4Kids Enfield – Rugby and Football classes – 18 months to 7 years


St Ignatius School

urkey Street, Enfield