Sweaty Mama

Sweaty Mama is an upbeat workout session choreographed to music which focuses on key areas to help

Mama gradually rebuild her fitness as well as restrengthing the pelvic floor and core muscles and realigning

posture. We encourage Mamas to undertake the suitable level for their own fitness journey offering a range

of exercise options to suit them and also the age and development of their child. Classes are focused on

having fun, bonding with their child whilst enhancing their cardiovascular fitness, strength and tone in the

key areas after birth through aerobic, resistance led and floor work. The children are able to benefit from

social interaction with the other children as well as the security and closeness from their Mama.

You can use a baby carrier whilst working out, this is comforting for baby and also makes it a little tougher for Mama, which is a great combination in ensuring your heart rate geos up and kicks into the toning aspect, safely and securely.

Sweaty Mama