The 1:1 Diet Consultant CK

The 1:1 Diet Consultant CK

If you are reading this you have already started your journey!

As we all know, it can be a sturggle at times in trying to lose weight for many reasons, mainly lifestlye.

I, your accredited 1:1 diet consultant will mentor you in achieving your goal!

It took me 6 weeks in total to drop from a size 14 down to a size 10, and a loss of 2 and a half stone! A very realistic weighloss that will made a huge difference to not only the way I looked, but to my confidence too!

Step by step, pound by pound I will help you reach your goal too!

Being in lockdown has been hard for all of us, whether homeschooling or just purely food temptations everywhere and boredom, we tend to look for comfort. Also the online shopping, hasn’t helped, all of those added temptations!

By using my own experience and tips, I will help guide you in order to reach your goal.  I will tailor make the plan for you by using all of the information I need in order to find the most suitable step for you.

I have private and comfortable surroundings, although at the moment it’s all remote which has worked amazingly for all of my clients. All consultations and weigh ins have been done through facetime which my clients have loved and found more convinient as the children have been home and also working from home.

I have had fantastic results!

Why not get out of 2020 as a more positive and healthier you, after all, Xmas is only a few weeks away.

Let’s go back a slimmer you

I will support you all the way!

I offer:

  • morning appointments 6 days a week
  • easy parking
  • no joining fee
  • no consultation fee

Please feel free to give me a call for a chat and we can discuss your goal!

With your positivity, belief and my encouragement, we will get there together!

Let’s get out of 2020 a healthier, slimmer and happier you!