The Artz Kidz

Giving 'The Artz' A Twist

We are a Theatre school that focus mainly on Drama. We also use Art work to bring our stories and themes to life. The older children do also take part in regular singing and dance sessions too. 


We aren’t your typical stage school, as we don’t put on big productions or do exams as such. But we do focus on core skills throughout the term and have termly presentations and award ceremonies to parents.


We focus mainly on the skills the children are learning and we do this through creative learning. Through different topics/themes each week. 


We’re a very inclusive school and work in super fun, unpressurised environment. 

The Artz Kidz


Raglan Infant School

Wellington Road



St Paul's C of E Primary School

Ringwood Way

N21 2RA


Grange Park Primary School

World's End Lane

N21 1PP


Eversley Primary School

Chaseville Park Road

N21 1PD


Salisbury House

Bury St W

N9 9LA


St Peters Church Hall

N21 1RG


Raphi & Flo

832 Green Lanes

N21 2RT