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The process of having the most beautiful glamorous hair with Glamorous Lengths by Sophia

Trained at the Belle Academy, Glamorous Lengths by Sophia specialises in fitting various types of hair extensions. We offer a full service starting from an initial consultation to the end result.

What is our process to help you have the most glamorous hair?


Our first step, if to speak to you over the phone to establish the look you would like to achieve. Depending on your hair type, some methods maybe more suitable than others. For example, Nano Rings are recommended instead of Micro Rings for finer hair.

We then book an appointment to colour match your hair. This simply involves us using our Colour Wheel Ring next to your hair to choose which colour is best for you. Many, choose 2 – 4 colours, which is great for providing a highlighted look effect.

Length and Thickness

Length and thickness is the next topic that will discussed with our clients. This will determine if we order 18, 20, or 22inch hair for you. Hair can be trimmed if you do not want as much lengths.

We will then order the correct number strands to create the thickness you desire. The type of extension you choose may impact this too.

Methods that are offered:

Andrea can fit the following types of hair extensions. We will help you choose the method most suitable for you:

Nano Rings

Micro Rings

Micro Ring Weft

Tape Hair Extensions

Fusion Bonds

Easy Shrinks

The Hair

Our main supplier if Glamorous Lengths. We order the hair for you and arrange delivery. Clients can use their own hair if they have brought it already.

The Fitting Process

We provide a mobile service in North London and surrounding areas. Bookings are made at a date and time suitable for you.

We have taken the appropriate measures to be Covid Secure too.

After Care

A card with after care advice will be given to all our clients so your hair looks fantastic for as long as possible. It is so important to use the correct shampoo and conditioner. Hair extensions must be taken up closer to the root every few weeks so they do not mat. If the hair is fitted and looked after properly, it will not damage your hair.


The hair costs from 21.99 for a pack. Fitting starts from £50 and will depend on the method used and how many packs of hair are used.

Special Offer: Quote the Word Glamorous for a £10 discount off your first order

Contact Details:

Call / Text: Andrea 07739026765