How Children’s Activities Creates Higher Achieving Adults

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How Children’s Activities Creates Higher Achieving Adults


One of the most important aspects of having a family is the quality of time you spend together. What do you do together and how do you feel after? This goes for all parents and children involved.


After a long week of work it can be easy to collapse on the sofa, stick on a series, and scroll through the social media timelines. It’s how we instinctively switch off, give our brain a chance to recharge. Keeping your child occupied with the same has become second nature.


Being at home and recharging is very important to a healthy work-life balance. You can’t be running a mile a minute all day, every day. Sometimes it is easy to fall into the same routine and neglect productive activities that have a chance at benefitting our minds and bodies way more.


For an adult the general activities would consist of exercise, socialising, educating, tasks that stimulate. It is no different for a child, and arguably even more important to do this for the developing mind. On Sophia’s diary, we display an array of events that will benefit your child, as well as tick the box for family bonding.


It’s easy to feel overwhelmed at where to begin. The type of classes you could take your children to range from drama, dance, art, sports, theatre, pantomimes, plays, story readings. All of these types of activities give the chance for your child to be interactive with a task and with other children. A crucial stage in every child’s upbringing.


These type of events will build confidence and self-esteem in your child. They will receive a very strong head-start in gaining social skills, which is something that cannot so easily be taught but rather earned through experience. The less a child is around others like them the more they will seek comfort in their shell.


This is something that is easily done as we don’t all have large families with relatives of matching ages to our children. It can be difficult to pinpoint what will be the best way to keep your children surrounded by a positive social group and one that is beneficial for their growth.


If you feel that might be the case for your family, bringing yourself and your child to a local event is a great way to meet others like yourself. This opens the opportunity to create bonds with other likeminded people but most importantly with your child. Engaging in regular activities has been proven to be highly beneficial in maximising yours and your child’s mental & physical health.


When a child has gained social skills and confidence at an early age, this leads to better performance during their schooling years. This is because they already have experience socialising with others and completing tasks.


The confidence they have gained from partaking in these activities will essentially build them into higher achieving adults. They will be less afraid of failure and more playful when exploring new challenges, positively setting them up for the next stage in their life.


Written By Melissa Maya Izzet

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