Identifying and Supporting A Child Who Is Spiritually Awake

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Identifying and Supporting A Child Who Is Spiritually Awake


Children are being born now more spiritually ‘awake’ than ever! We are now seeing signs that they can connect to spirit as early as 6-9 month old. If you look at Psychic Mediums & lightworkers throughout time, you will notice that these beautiful people have been noticing their gifts earlier and earlier. Lightworkers are getting younger as the years go by. I am a Psychic Medium, I often do psychic evenings at people’s houses and I am often met by the comments like “wow, you are doing the readings? You are so young!”  I find that individuals in the generations above me (usually above 45 years old) feel that I am so young to have found my gift. They are used to seeing ‘older’ psychics, people who found their gift later in life and this is completely normal, it is just because that generation are finding their spiritual journey later. I always knew from around the age of 11 that there was more to me- watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch was a magical time for me! I LOVED anything that included magic or spiritual things. I even used to watch re-runs of Bewitched and my favourite film was Practical Magic. I figured out it was a real gift at 22 and this was when I really embraced it and stepped on to my spiritual journey. Younger generations are realising even sooner and it is most definitely getting more common.

So, what does this mean?

Simply- some children are being born with a stronger connection to spirit, an empathic connection & can pick up on energy easier. This is difficult as they can be more emotional, clingy and have very unpredictable mood swings. They are also often in sync with the Luna cycles, if there is a full moon approaching, you may find that they are more agitated than usual.

It is a scary thing for a baby or young child to be experiencing this energy and if it is spirit that they are already connected to, it can be a very scary thing for them to process. Imagine being able to see or hear spirit in the middle of the night. Even as adults it can be scary, but we have much more clutter in the brain that can block these messages out, a child is an innocent energy and doesn’t have anything they need to stress or worry about, so the messages from spirit come in clearer- no meditation needed!

If it is that they are an Empath, then they can pick up on the energy of others around them very easily. This can be tricky because we all know how much stress being an adult can come with and our precious little versions of ourselves are picking up on every bit of energy we put out. The thing that is even more difficult here is that we can’t hide it from them! It’s not what you put out on the outside that they see, it’s your feelings that gets to them and that is something we cannot supress.

How do I know if my child is connected to spirit and what can I do to help?

  1. They may wake up through the night, more often between the hours of 3am and 4am – this is known as the witching hour where the veil between the realms is at its thinnest, making the connection between the earth plane and the spirit world stronger. Children under 3 are already sensitive to spirit energy so this just makes it even more amplified. This means that they may be able to physically see or hear them. If your child is waking up at these times, comfort them! This hard love thing of letting them cry it out is not the right thing to do here. They will be scared and frustrated and all they will need is a cuddle and to know you are there keeping them safe.


  1. They tell you about passed over loved ones that they either haven’t met before or they wouldn’t have any reason to mention otherwise. This is a sure tell sign that they have been visited by their loved ones and its nice to know they are keeping them safe. Often, they are protecting them from other energies that are trying to come down to communicate with them. It is important to acknowledge this, say thank you to them for keeping them safe and protected, acknowledge that they are there. Try not to be scared or tell your child that this can’t be true, acknowledgment is key here. It is very much real and is very much part of your child’s reality.



  1. Their behaviour is erratic, the usual calm child starts to become hyper or ‘naughty’ or the usual hyper child become quiet and introverted. This can be an influence of spirit, sometimes there are even child spirit around them too which can heavily influence behaviour. Send this energy away, you literally ask them to leave your child because their energy is creating an imbalance, fill the room with white light, see it from your third eye (this is literally using your ‘imagination’- fill the room with a bright white light, put out that your intentions are to clear the space of any energies and push it out to surround your child). You could also try burning white sage around the home to clear negative energy.


  1. Their eyes are big, when they look at you, it is as though they look into your soul. This is what I like to call ‘spirit eyes’. When people come to me for readings, I can see immediately if someone has them and can tell the intensity of their gift. There is nothing you can really do about this, it is just a sign of their gift.

I often close children down so they can stop their connection to spirit until they are old enough and ready. This really does work, it can also be done from a distance but is much more effective in person. Sometimes it does have to be done again over time but it is important that they are able to be a child and enjoy their childhood.


How can I tell if my child is an Empath and how do I support them?


  1. They are very emotional children, they show a loving energy but can easily get frustrated and have quick changes in emotions. It is important not to get angry with your child if they are acting out, go down to their level and put your point across and listen to theirs. Obviously, they have to know right from wrong, so if they are acting inappropriately, don’t be afraid to let them know and to be stern, but there is a big difference between losing your s**t completely and letting them know they are in the wrong. You will find that if you get frustrated and shout at them, you will probably be met with more resistance – trust me, I know! My child is both an Empath and connected to spirit and this is something I really struggle with. I refuse to be a parent that is too scared to set boundaries for their child, but at the same time- she just doesn’t respond to me being angry at her. It makes her worse- a thousand times worse. This is because she is picking up on my frustrated energy and it is amplifying hers! I have only just realised this, I now go down to her level when she starts to throw a fit, I speak calmly and get her to look at my eyes when I am talking and guess what? She stops! An hour tantrum stopped in its tracks and we can get on with our day.


  1. They pick up on every emotion around them – as I mentioned earlier, there is no hiding your true emotions to an empath, they can feel your inner energy. The smile you sling across your face whilst you feel pain inside is not fooling them! They know. Be as open and honest as you can with your child. They will sense something is wrong and if they are not being told what it is, they will often think it is them, that they are to blame. So, try to explain situations in the most age appropriate way. Empathic children need a lot of attention. Their emotions and worries really are overwhelming and quite simply they are not mature enough to deal with them. It is vital that you are open and honest with them. They can tell when you are lying (I have this also, I call it my ‘Lie-dar’ it’s a great gift but awful in its own right). Be careful not to dump your baggage on them though, the whole point of being honest with them is to reassure them that you are handling the situation, that you have it all under control and that they don’t need to worry themselves. You should see them calm down and become happier in themselves.


  1. Your child reacts badly to certain people or situations. This is a key sign. Trust your child’s intuition. Never force your child to spend time with someone. They are very sensitive to energy and they know who has a pure energy and who doesn’t. They have to feel 100% comfortable with someone and if they are not gelling well with a childminder for example, trust them and move on. If you feel they look scared, talk to them, ask them why and try to reassure them. This is also important for your own relationships around you. If you have a whirlwind of a relationship with a partner, they can feel that and its extremely overwhelming for them. If this is something you are going through, you need to make steps to fix this not only for yourself but for your forever worrying child.

A closing thought…

Dealing with spiritually awake children is difficult and does take a lot of patience. There are also other methods you can try to help if you notice that they are unbalanced.

I recently got Distance Reiki done for my daughter as she was woken every night throughout the night. I was sceptical but I had tried everything else and I feel that Reiki helps me personally so I thought I would give it a go. Since she had this, she has slept through. The Reiki practitioner found that she had an attachment at her feet and that there was a mental tie to feeling unsafe. She was able to clear this energy. Not only have I noticed her sleep is better, but she is also calmer and much more affectionate than usual. Much less tantrums- YAY!

The practitioner I used on this occasion was Shandi, she is based in the states and can be contacted via her Facebook group:

If you are looking for an amazing Reiki Master that is local to Enfield, Antoinette Sarumi of Sarumi Medispa is available for both distance reiki and face to face Reiki amongst other treatments- She can be contacted on:  07905 531748 or via her Facebook Page:

If you would like any more advice from me, you can contact me at or go through my Facebook page:

Stay strong mumma! You’ve got this!

Love & Positive Vibes,

Kiah x