Losing my Pre-Schooler – Our Last Term Together

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Losing my Pre-Schooler – Our Last Term Together 22.06.17


After 6 years of having a child at home, both my babies will be in full time education by September. Although it takes me longer to do anything and I have made work sacrifices, I can honestly say it has been the best 6 years of my life. We have been to so many groups, visited lots of nice places and enjoyed many days out. My biggest gain was also making a whole new circle of life long friends. These are the things that inspired me to start the business that I love, and I am so passionate about.


Here is a summary of my journey


Where my parenting journey began. I was lucky to have the loveliest midwives look after me from Bump to Delivery. The maternity unit has not been modernised to an outstanding level now.


  1. Baby classes

I took Jordan to our first baby class when he was just 5 weeks. We completed a baby massage course, and it was a great bonding experience. It also taught me how to settle and soothe him. We then moved onto baby yoga when he was more active. Jordan loved Monkey Music and we attended every week for 2 and a half years. So much was covered in each class and it was age appropriate. Sophia really enjoyed Baby Sensory.



  1. Playgroups and Toddler Groups

I had 2 children at home for two years and it was sometimes difficult to find a class that they both enjoyed and could participate. I visited a lot of playgroups then. They both really liked Mosaic and The Monday Toddler Group.


Once Jordan started school, we visited classes that were suitable for Sophia. Her favourite is Baby Ballet, and she will move up a group and carry on with this when she starts school. She also enjoyed AsterakiaFlip Learning, Parachutes, ABC and 1,2 Please, Gympanzeez and Crafty Chefs. She gained so much from all of them. We are so lucky we have such brilliant group leaders.


ABC and 1 2 Please, Mosaic and Parachutes also organise the loveliest end of term parties – I highly recommend trying them.



  1. Coffee mornings

Since my kids were babies, I have loved visiting coffee shops with them. I used to love the cuddling up with them as babies. Sophia often asks for a babychino now. There are so many lovely independent coffee shops that we have visited such as Arts Café, Malone & Co, Baskervilles Tea Room, Claud. W Dennis, and our new favourite, Simple. We also love visiting Mothercare on the A406 as there is a Softplay and a Costa Coffee too. We were regulars at the Phoenix Garden too, as the kids love messy play at Pots of Art and they have lovely cakes in their coffee shop too.


  1. Pubs

As well as serving wine and gin, pubs can also be great places to visit with children. The Plough and The King and Tinker have great outdoor areas for children and they can spend hours playing. The Winchmore is also family friendly and the food is delicious.


  1. Days Out

I had many special and memorable days out with both kids before they started school. We loved visiting Lea Valley Farm, Paradise Wildlife Park and Willows Farm.


Our favourite places to go in London were The Natural History Museum and The Science Museum. The Disney Café is a lovely experience for lunch too. We often venture out a bit more as a family and visit places such as Colchester Zoo, Whipsnade, Woburn Safari Park, London Zoo and Southend.



  1. Local Shows

We are extremely lucky to have outstanding productions on our doorstep. Booking to see Platinum Performing Arts Urban Pantomime in January at Millfield Theatre, is a must in our house. Every family member absolutely loves it.

We have also really enjoyed other shows such as Little Red Riding Hood, The Pirate Squad at The Dugdale. Tales of the Shed (Chickenshed) that are interactive and suitable for Pre Schoolers too.


  1. Going for Walks

I loved going for long walks when my two were babies. It is great exercise and it also gives you some good thinking time too. Forty Hall and Estate, Trent Park and Gentlemans Row and Chase Green were my favourite places to go walking. There are also places to play for older children.



  1. Park Life and Outdoor fun

We love spending time in the park. Jordan plays football for hours, and Sophia loves climbing. Their favourite parks are Bury Lodge, as there is a huge sand pit and Aldersbrook park as it is all new, bright and clean. Capel Manor is a lovely place to visit to meet friends and have a walk outdoors. There is a maze, animals, beautiful gardens and you can also grab a coffee too. Look out for fantastic local events like Come Away with the Fairies too.




  1. Birthday Parties

We have spent a high majority of our weekends at Birthday Parties since the kids were born. Princess, Superhero, Pirates, Fairy, Make Up, Football, Teddy Tastic, Bowling, Ice Skating Pony Riding, Picnics are all types of parties they have been too. The kids are so lucky to have great opportunities to enjoy different things.




  1. Shopping

I absolutely love shopping. Clothes, Shoes, Bags and Make Up are my weakness. I will really miss having a wonder with Sophia in Palace Gardens. She loved giving me advice on what looked good on me and what to buy.


  1. Playing at home

The kids have so many toys but what they enjoy most, is me setting up activities for them. I brought a builders mixing tray to create themes such as a farm, forest, jungle and dessert. They love painting, lego, playdoh, activity books and Sophia’s favourite is dolls. Having them both at school and not having as many toys downstairs will really create space in the lounge.


Enjoy precious time with your babies whilst they are at home with you. Have fun