For all new Pet Parents!

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For all new Pet Parents!


So there’s a new canine kid on the block, and excitedly you have a fabulous four-legged , tail wagging member joining the family. What can you expect, and how will life evolve?

When all things are considered, the biggest difference to your lives is that as humans , you are now a team of supporters, walkers , trainers , feeders and ofcourse cuddlers for the rest of your pets wonderful and fulfilling place at your table!

If you’re a first timer , life with a new pet can at times be a little overwhelming . The demands in early days that are made on your day to day life,  can take a while to become the norm, with young puppies in need of house training, which can not only consist of nature’s obvious own time table perhaps needing some expectedly unexpected attention, but there’s socialising plus an appropriate food regime to consider too, all in the cause of coming together to give your dog the best start to a happy life.

Team Human is also the link between your dog and the outside world they will encounter. What kind of collar and lead , bedding and toys are best to look for , which will you need and opt for?  What dietary requirements , treats and meal choices will you make and what vet contact have you organised? Who is in charge of walking, feeding and grooming? Yes all this is your responsibility and at this point I hope you’re not starting to question the very questions you may not have asked yourselves before making your decision , but don’t worry, there is plenty of support to guide you through so let me continue with the fun part ….not to say that house training and feeding etc are not included!

Ultimately, the love and compassion that your pet unconditionally radiates is something I know will outdo any minor concerns for you first time pet parents out there. I remember my own parents sitting my five year old self down, along with my two older brothers as we went to pick up our one year old rescue dog from Battersea Dogs Home ( many many years ago! ) “ One of the most exciting things about having our dog will be the love and life lessons a pet will bring us , but one of the important and sadder things to remember is that you are probably going to be in each other’s lives longer than he is, but while he’s with us, we are lucky to have him in our family” they said….

Now, as a five year old, I’ll admit, most of it went in , but it wasn’t until I reached the age of 21, when our own wonderful Rusty then aged 17 passed away peacefully that I reflected how the whole of that message had suddenly sunk in. He had been such an influence on our lives, being the exuberant greeter at the door, the head on my lap, the reason people stopped on the park to say hello, the cuddle when you needed and when all’s written and done, he gained our trust and affection for as much as it was returned.

So I wish all new and not so new pet people a very happy and healthy new year ahead with many many more furry family adventures to come!



Roz Lishak

Your Pupparazzi