New Year, New Term, New Kids Activities

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New Year, New Term, New Kids Activities

By Andrea Krase, Owner and Founder of Sophia’s Diary (


How quick did the summer holidays whizz past? Now the kids are back at school, there is still the opportunity for them to have a good time, find something they love doing, and keep them away from the screen. What are the best classes in North London? Sophia’s Diary can recommend a variety of classes for any age, and interest.


Baby Classes

North London is rich with baby classes. They can be great for boosting development, socialising and enhancing bonding with baby and parent too. Baby Sensory (Oakwood and Finchley), Caterpillar Music, Baby Massage, Baby Yoga, Jack and Jill’s, and Monkey Music (Enfield and Barnet) are all very popular. If you are a parent that likes to try something different, our language classes that are suitable for babies, Asterakia and Boogie Bear, are extremely popular too.


Early Years Drama class, Debutots, deliver unique interactive storytelling and dramatic play sessions, including movement to music, action songs, bubbles and parachute for babies from 6 months.


Toddlers and Pre Schoolers

Classes are great way for our active little ones to burn some energy. They are fantastic in developing early social skills, and putting a smile on their faces too.


Fine motor skills can be developed at abc’s  and 1,2, Please. Children will love upbeat music at Zip Zap Kids, and go on adventures at Move, Play, Learn. Get Set Boogie also have different themes each week that will excite little ones too.

There are numerous stay and play groups in North London too. These are informal and more affordable too. It is also worth having a look at the activities of your local children centre.


Venues such as Jump In and Flip Out Brent Cross also have Toddler Time during term time, and this is usually at a reduced rate. Children can have hours of endless fun at local soft plays such as N20 Kids Club and KB02, and events are often hosted there too.




Learning to cook is fun and enhances essential skills for children. It provides knowledge about healthy eating, and has elements of maths and science in classes. Children can learn how to cook, enjoy craft making, listen to stories and take home what they have made, at popular class Crafty Chefs Barnet.


Dance is fun, encourages teamwork, improves fitness and also makes children feel more confident. There are some exceptional dance schools in North London that offer several styles of dance class. Hip Hop, Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Street Dance and Modern are just a few options. The Dance Studio, Dance Stables, Impulse Dance, Streetz Ahead, Platinum Performing Arts, and Impress Theatre Arts all have outstanding reputations. Not only do students have fun in class, there is also the opportunity to perform in shows and events too, which is great for boosting confidence. The dance schools mentioned also offer preschool classes too.




Performing Arts

Award winning school Platinum Performing Arts are acknowledged for sessions that are fun, friendly and enjoyable. They are specifically designed to develop children’s confidence, self-esteem and rhythm. Students take part in Dance, Drama and Singing classes. They will also l perform an urban pantomime “Moana and her Incredible Friends” at the Millfield theatre in January, an event not to be missed.


Children can learn to sing, dance and act at Musical Theatre sessions at Impress Theatre Arts. It is great way to introduce children to performance whilst learning new skills. It’s also a fantastic in building children’s confidence and expressing their personalities.


Young Notes run several pop choirs for children aged between 4 – 18. They sing current, upbeat pop songs in a fun and friendly environment. The focus is on fun and nurturing a love of music. Children learn vocal and performance techniques and have opportunities to participate in group and solo performances.





Swimming is not only fun and good exercise, it is an essential life and safety skill too. If you are interested in your little one learning from a young age, Turtle Tots North London offer classes for babies and toddlers at different venues in North London. Swimming Class UK also offer individual and small private group lessons, that accelerate the learning process.



Sport is effective in ensuring children are fit, have good self-esteem, develop team working skills, and grow healthier too. There are some amazing sports classes across North London for all ages.


Pro Elite Football Academy offer classes from 18 months – 7 Years at various venues. Children are taught dribbling, striking, goal-scoring plus movement, co-ordination and stability.


Sport 4 Kids Enfield have just launched children’s football, rugby, tennis, golf and dance classes, from toddlers to older children. Older kids also compete in children’s football or rugby, and take part in S4K tournaments and competitions


Learn jumping, stunts, tumbling and cheer-dance, at Empire Cheerleading Academy. The moves and routines children learn are sensational and cheerleading has become one of the fastest growing sports in the UK.


Children can attend courses such as Gymnastics, Trampolining and Badminton at various locations with Active Enfield.

Developing a passion for subject

Some children develop a great interest for a specific subject. Fun with Phonics run classes on the weekend for kids that love English. The Dr Sergis Academy deliver science tuition, and students have the opportunity to conduct experiments. If learning a language is something that children wish to acquire, Parla Italiano run courses too.



It is fair to say that there is a vast amount of choice for kid’s classes in North London. It is great that children are provided with the opportunity to develop a passion from a young age.


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