Planning Your Perfect Holiday

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Summer Holidays Not Planned Yet?

With Summer around the corner our thoughts go to summer escapes! If you have young children, older children or maybe both or there are just the two of you. I can help. There are so many places to experience; that is often the problem; then the decision whether you are going long-haul or short haul, cruise, self-drive or anything in between.

Write down all your likes and dislikes, the countries/places you have already been to and also the ones you would like to visit. It’s usually a good idea to have an idea of your budget although some are lucky enough not to have worry about this of course.

Do you like villa holidays maybe? Here is one in the South of France – Languedoc area. If you like peace and quiet in combination with good food and wine – it may well be what you are looking for!

4 double bedrooms – private garden and a large pool.

Maybe further afield with a Safari in Africa? Beach holiday in Dubai? Walt Disney world in Florida? A cruise?

Cruising; you can choose one of the floating cities with four or five thousand passengers on with every type of entertainment, restaurant, bar and kids clubs you can imagine or choose one of the smaller ships, around 250 passengers, where you travel at a slower pace with more lowkey entertainment but exceedingly good food of course. River cruises are amazing and you see the world with different eyes for sure. European waterways, Vietnam, The Amazon and more.

Choices Choices Choices…. We all say that the world is getting smaller, but it still takes time, effort and patience to organise that all important holiday.

I’m here to help you travel the World without costing the Earth. I have the time for YOU, can share my tips and tricks on many destinations and also being a parent will let you know what I take away to keep him entertained on the long journeys, best times to travel with young kids etc…

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