Review of Superheroes and The Lost Fairytale by Platinum Performing Arts

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Were we blown away by Superheroes and The Lost Fairytale? We definitely were.


The highlight of this show, for us, was the talent of the sensational cast. The dancing alone was top class and amazingly choreographed. Every song and routine, was perfectly chosen for the scene. The show was comical, there was plenty of crowd interaction, elements of true panto with the booing villains and cheering superheroes, but it was very urban and modern too. Nearly every Superhero and Princess made an appearance, and we even saw a huge dancing Dinosaur, Pinocchio and the Flintstones too – what more could you ask for?  Batman was supercool, and little Tinkerbell that was absolutely adorable. So many children were in the show, and they were truly outstanding and a huge credit.

We loved hearing stories at the start about the superheroes reminiscing about their adventures in the olden days to their children. On a quest to get them back together, they were sent on a huge adventure to many different countries. We loved watching the senoritas dancing to Spanish songs, the Mummies in Egypt and the glitzy dresses when they were in Las Vegas. They had fun and there were challenges. The show was exceptional and perfect for the whole family, we highly recommend booking tickets.


By Andrea Krase (Sophia’s Diary Reviewed on 05.01.18 7pm Show


The show was Produced by Platinum Performing Arts and on from 5th – 21st January  at Millfield Theatre, Silver Street, Edmonton, London N18 1PJ. Here is the link to book tickets


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