Goodnight Sleep Tight



Many experts advocate reading with your little ones as early as possible. It is great for bonding and language development.


Establishing a bed time routine is another thing experts agree on – repeating a routine helps babies feel safe and secure which helps to settle them. You can select wonderful cues to associate baby with bedtime like a bath, gentle rocking, massage, a favourite song, dim lights, and a bedtime story.


So why not settle baby with a book specifically written to promote their bedtime routine?


The Reviews (you can also read more on Amazon):


Here are a few reviews from those that work in the baby/ toddler industry so have a professional baby focused aspect of their review too:


“Congratulations on producing such a lovely book! ….It is really catchy and very sweet”

– Dr Lin Day Founder of Baby Sensory


”I  love reading new children’s books as I’m a professional storyteller. This is a little gem, really catchy and sweet, which can easily become a much loved part of the bedtime routine. Loved it!”

“This is a lovely little rhyming picture book which can help to establish a gentle bedtime routine with your child. It’s never too early to start reading to your baby and we all know the importance of children getting a good night’s sleep (along with their parents). Check out this book which was written by the lovely Lisa Babysen Barnet who also runs great Baby Sensory classes in North London.”


“A lovely little book, with great illustrations, just right for little hands! Good read to a baby or young toddler as its rhythm flows nicely. And the key phrase repeats throughout the story helping younger toddlers understand the positive message of sleep! Excellent little book for parents to read to their little ones at bedtime. :)”


“We absolutely loved reading Good Night, Sleep Tight by Lisa Robson. This is a wonderful book to read to babies and toddlers just before bed time. It is easy to understand and you can also discuss what y…our little one did in their own bed time routine. The illustrations were absolutely beautiful. This is such a lovely book and i would recommend it.”


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