Siobhan Mather’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma

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Siobhan Mather’s Fight Against Neuroblastoma


Siobhan Mather was born on 1st May 2015. Siobhan brought fun and feistiness, with her independent character, to everyone around her, including her older sister Ciara aged nine and her older brother, Liam aged six.


On 1st July 2017, aged just 2, Siobhan became lethargic and was taken to her GP. After being referred to Barnet General Hospital, it was discovered she had a tumour. Siobhan was then transferred to Great Ormond Street where she was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma, a rare child cancer.


On 14th July Siobhan was put on an 80 day programme of chemotherapy. In the early hours of 15th July, Siobhan suffered internal bleeding and had to undergo emergency surgery. An artery in the tumour had ruptured. Doctors managed to fix the rupture and Siobhan was put into intensive care in an induced coma on life support. Siobhan was woken up on 17th July and started to regain her strength and returned to the ward on 20th July. Her chemotherapy treatment continued and she eventually managed to come home in between treatments.


Siobhan’s scans at the end of the high intensive chemotherapy and stem cell transplant have shown that the tumour has shrunk considerably, however there is still a long way to go. Siobhan has just completed three weeks of radiotherapy and is awaiting the next set of tests and scans.


Siobhan’s consultant has submitted an application to the NHS for immunotherapy. At present, this is not currently available so if not approved, this may need to be funded privately. If Siobhan receives the immunotherapy and goes into remission she will then be eligible to receive a vaccine which should prevent the cancer ever coming back. This

vaccine is not available via the NHS and is only available in the US. The cost for this US-based course of treatment, as well as the associated travel costs, are £220,000.


Siobhan’s friends and family, with the support of The Bradley Lowery Foundation are working tirelessly to fundraise for this treatment. Their incredible fundraising efforts thus far have included; a charity football match and raffle which raised £16,092, an Italian night at their local church raising £7,300, and an Irish night and raffle which raised £15,000.


We need people to help us fundraise for Siobhan’s treatment – this could be a donation via the Just Giving page or to hold a fundraising event or to select us as a charity for a fundraising event. There are so many ways of getting involved. Here is a sample of upcoming events:


  • Two people doing the London Marathon
  • Corporate Black Tie Event for circa 300 people (Ticket sales, auction & Raffle)
  • Child of the month (March) donations via the Bradley Lowery Foundation
  • Group of 15 climbing the National Three Peaks in 24 hrs
  • St Albans 5K walk
  • Vitality London 10k run
  • Social media selfie Sign / Photo and nominate three people (similar to Ice Bucket Challenge)
  • Richmond Park 5k run.
  • Regents Park Superhero 5k run and Mini run


To find out more about Siobhan’s story please visit her Facebook page: SiobhanMathersFightsAgainstNeuroblastoma


To be a fundraiser or to donate please visit: