The benefits of Swimming

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Swimming for Kids

Learning to swim from an early age is the best start in life that you can give your child. There is strong evidence to suggest that babies who start swimming lessons from as early as a few weeks old develop higher cognitive function than their counterparts – with increased overall intelligence, academic learning and spatial awareness. Plus, it strengthens the heart, lungs and the body, improving overall fitness and muscle co-ordination.

The best advice we can offer is that before your baby starts lessons, it is highly beneficial to sit in the bath with them, moving their body in the water. And don’t feel too silly to use facial and verbal encouragement. This is how they make the association that being in the water is fun, safe, and positive, just like their nine months in the womb. When they then start swimming lessons, entering the water will be an easy transition.

Swimming is one of the best and most beneficial all-rounder sports there is, as well as being a potential lifesaver, significantly reducing the risk of drowning at any stage in life. That cannot be said for all sports!

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Aqua Natal

At Turtle Tots North London we run Turtle Tums Aqua Natal Yoga classes every Sunday at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School for Boys, Queens Road, EN5 4DQ.  Classes are 45 minutes each and run at either 12.30 or 13.15.

Water is a great medium to exercise due to low impact and possibilities of creating various levels of resistance to suit individuals’ abilities and needs. It offers the potential for safely stretching and relaxing in poses that are not possible on dry land.

It is not necessary to immerse your face and head to practice Aqua Yoga but those who are happy to have their faces in water can access a further range of practices.
Yoga-based adapted elements of all the strokes are accessible to everyone including non-swimmers. We use woggles to give as much support that is required and everyone is treated individually.