The Sophia’s Diary’s Online Lockdown Guide – Community News

Sofia Kotsou The Lockdown Guide

There have been some amazing outcomes gained as a result of lockdown. So many members of our community have volunteered to help vulnerable people. Many have raised money for charity at a time when it has been needed the most

Enfield Council 

They have collated most of their information here

From this link the community will be able to find lots of information including business support, help for residents, changes to council services etc.  This section will grow and get updated as and when we receive the information.

Barnet Council

They have a page on their website dedicated to help during the Corona Crisis

Help for the Vulnerable

The following organisations are providing help for Vulnerable and those in need People. We really appreciate your hard work.

Enfield Council – Delivery of Food Parcels

The North Enfield Food Bank

Alevi federation food bank

They are looking after hundreds of vulnerable individuals and families in need who lives in Enfield and surrounding areas

Age UK

They are helping with delvering prescriptions to the elderly

Community News

Community News

Enfield Dispatch

Our great local newspaper Enfield Dispatch is packed with useful news and information

Community News – Achievements from Local Businesses and Organisations

Southgate School

We are very proud of how Southgate School’s DT department has been helping the NHS and carers by producing PPE, or personal protective equipment, using materials from our school and our partner school The Compton.

Over the past two weeks, Mr Pearce and Ms Curtin have been working hard to make 163 visors, some of which have already been given to Abbey Ravenscroft Park Nursing Home. This has involved hammering the material on the laser cutter, cutting the head bands out of polypropylene and cutting the visors out of PVC by hand. The visors made will be invaluable in protecting carers and NHS workers as they perform their incredible work. Ms Frost and Ms Curtin have also been busy at home on their sewing machines making scrubs for the NHS.

Thank you and well done, DT, for these wonderful contributions.

SGPT raises thousands for Haven House Children’s Hospice
After an urgent appeal for funding, Suleyman Gul (SGPT) has donated all the money raised through his live online workouts to the Hospice. Well done for all your hard work

Pro Elite Record Breakers
Congratulations to our Our Member Pro Elite for Breaking a  Record with getting 100 Children onto a Football Classs. The raised £726 for the NHS too.

Togs By Emma

Emma has been working hard making tablecloths, stickers and decals for the airport staff that are going to their local hospital for the VIP lounge made for the the nurses and doctors to go eat, drink and relax, they wanted some bits to help brighten up the area for the staff

Mind Yourself Hypnotherapy
They are supporting Duty To Care, a charity offering free Hypnotherapy and Counselling to NHS and care workers to help them through the current crisis. I have signed up to support as many as I can. And when I say “pay what you can” for local people and business owners I mean it. For some people this is nothing

World’s End Productions
Worlds End Productions London Youth Theatre members are taking part in the Coronavirus Time Capsule project, organised by Company Three from Islington. The project has already been covered by Sky News and received praise from Sadiq Khan. Check out the news item from our website for more information