Tips and tricks for keeping babies/children’s bedrooms cool for bedtime

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A safe sleeping environment is crucial for babies and young children. Overheating increases the risk of SIDS. Overheating can occur for a variety of reasons, some being too much bedding or clothing and the room being too hot. Here’s some tips and tricks to keep their sleeping environment cool in the hot summer months;

  1. Use a room thermometer to easily check the temperature in the room they sleep in. Ideal temperature is between 16 & 20 degrees.
  2. Use blackout blinds/curtains and keep them closed all day (if they don’t help then use tinfoil on bedroom window – stick down with water).
  3. Have a fan in the room but make sure it’s not directed at baby (you can even hang a damp towel/sheet in front (not over it) of the fan to make the room ever cooler.
  4. Keep nightwear/bedclothes to a minimum. If it’s really hot just send to bed in just a nappy.
  5. Give them a cool bath before bedtime (don’t dry them off too much, damp skin keeps little ones cool.
  6. Open a window to allow a breeze in.