What’s on this Spring at Chickenshed?

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New writing and good thinking – a series of mindful monologues and duologues

Venue:                         Chickenshed Theatre, Chase Side, Southgate, London N14 4PE

Dates/times                  Tuesday 8 February – Saturday 19 February at 7.30pm

Times:                         7.30pm            

Prices:                         Previews £5 | Tuesday – Thursday £10 | Friday and Saturday £12

FiverLive ages 12-25 year olds all tickets £5 subject to availability

For ages:                      12+

To book:                      Box Office 020 8292 9222, email: bookings@chickenshed.org.uk or book online at https://www.chickenshed.org.uk/Event/eunoia-22

Press are invited to all performances. Five plays will be performed each evening.

Chickenshed’s season of new writing returns to our Studio Theatre with theatrical monologues and duologues all based around the theme of Eunoia.

Drawn from a range of diverse people and voices, expect the unexpected as we present a uniquely varied programme, demonstrating the versatility of this most simple theatrical form.

‘The last time I went to Chickenshed, I saw a performance featuring a cast of hundreds. It says much for the breadth of work being staged at this essential venue that it can also grip the attention of its largely young audience with just a single performer on a sparse stage.’  4**** The Stage

The Plays:

Astonishing Light

Writer Cathy Jansen-Ridings | Actors Daryl Bullock and Shiloh Maersk | Director Tom Harvey

Astonishing Light is a fast-paced comedic look at the latest trend in cosmetic procedures for young men.

Never Have I Ever

Writer Sophie White | Actors Callum Banks and Stevie Shannon | Director Elia Criscuoli

As the drunken chaos of a house party continues downstairs, two strangers meet in an empty bedroom.

Answer The Call

Writer Ashley Driver | Actors Nathaniel Leigertwood and Demar Lambert | Director Ashley Driver.

Why would you risk your life to defend the power that enslaved your grandparents?


Writer Harriet Norris | Actors Belinda McGuirk and Tilly Morton | Director Maya Nielson

‘The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.’


Writer Sebestian Ross | Actors Alex Brennan and Cathy Jansen-Ridings | Director Sebastian Ross

An unlikely friendship grows as a young man is made to help a plant enthusiast with her greenhouse


Writer Hussain Razza | Actors Finn Walters and Sophie White | Director Ellie Kavannagh

Spectrum is a trilogy of scenes exploring different parts of the spectrum of neurodiverse people in the real world.

Just Imagine

Writer Sara Chernaik | Actor Anthony Nyagah | Director Jonny Morton

One afternoon when I was six, I realised I was me and would be me forever – what a strange thought

Fairy Dust

Writer Tom Langton | Actors Tia Cortez, Rhianna Dengel, Tristan Manzi, Coby Granek, Peter Errington and Tom Langton | Director Jimmy Adamou

Fairy Dust is an autobiographical journey through a queer kid’s life, jumping through moments of hardship and shame. 

Sabrina’s Party

Writer Rebecca Hardy | Actor Gemma Kirk | Director Kyra Ancona-Francis

Dig out your platforms, defrost the sherry trifle, and dust off the glittery disco ball – Sabrina’s having one of her groovy parties again.

For further information or to arrange an interview with the director or cast please contact:

Susan Jamson, Chickenshed.  Telephone 020 8216 2733 / 07736 956662 or email susanj@chickenshed.org.uk

Susan Jamson

Press and PR


Telephone 020 8216 2733 | 07736 956662

Booking Now


[yoo-noy-ah] noun meaning beautiful thinking, a well mind

Tuesday 8 February – Saturday 19 February

To book please visit: https://www.chickenshed.org.uk/Event/eunoia-22

Telephone our Box office 020 8292 9222 or email bookings@chickenshed.org.uk

The Washing Line

Exploring the world of cults through the story of Jim Jones and The People’s Temple

Thursday 10 March – Saturday 20 March

To book please visit: https://www.chickenshed.org.uk/Event/the-washing-line

Telephone our Box office 020 8292 9222 or email bookings@chickenshed.org.uk