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Written by Karen Browne at Bodyfaze

So the road map has been set and by June we should be re-emerging fully into the world.

I for one, was elated but there was, a small amount of trepidation in me or fear. How do I actually feel?

I’m not sure what I fear, perhaps its the change after having to stay in for nearly a year but what was absolutely clear was that I wanted to be fit and healthy so that I can grab every inch of life when I re-emerge. Immerse myself in life again. Live it to the full and not waste a single moment. Have enough energy to enable me to experience everything once again. To have no regrets for not using this time that we have until we re-emerge . My personal journey is to shed some pounds (well I am going to dust off and wear every item in my wardrobe to every event I can, so they need to fit). I will need as much energy as possible (I intend to dance at every festival there is and if you know me, I love to dance). As often as I can, I will be seeing my friends and family. Bring it on!

4 months is no time at all and it will fly by. We now have a road map, so I need my own road map. I’m starting today, so that when I open that door, I’m ready. Ready to embrace it all and have no regrets.  I don’t want to jump in full throttle and burn out within no time.

I am looking for that adventure again so my journey starts today.


Make a list and a vision board (oh yes, I love a list). Sit down and think what do I need, what do I want or what do I NOT want, what needs to go.  Make it an individual journey. Cut out pictures. Anything that brings a smile to your face. I encourage you to post this into our facebook closed group to make yourself more accountable, you are very welcome to come and join us.


So searching down my list looking for where to start.  What was the simplest thing I could change first or more importantly, what was urgent? “One thing at a time”,  I told myself as I had a sudden urge of anxiety.  What did my re-emerging look like? What do I want? How could I best support my clients?  I needed a roadmap to send to my clients of how my business was going to 0pen up and if there were any changes. This cleared a huge space in my head  but was quickly filled with more. Do I need new premises, what were my hours…….

Another one of my why’s which was probably the most important was self care. I want to dance like no one is watching. Oh I miss festivals and live music. I need to be fit,  healthy and mentally strong to take on the world and live it to the full. I’ve missed a year.  I’m using the gift of 4 months to slowly re-emerge into the world I have designed for me. I’m a personal trainer so of course I’ll look  at nutrition, workouts, wellness and self care. It’s what I do but most of us have let few things slip. This is my re-emerging. My dusting off my wardrobe, (which quite honestly most have not been worn for a year and there’s some really nice stuff in there) hmm hope it fits.  Like I said, it’s my journey, its my list but I MUST start somewhere and finding a little motivation will go a long way. Finding your why can be used for any part of your life if you want to move forward, if you have a why you have the motivation to make a change. Our community  are finding their Why’s right now.

3. Find a buddy, a tribe or join a group.

Accountability is key. By telling My HUB and facebook community that I am getting ready to emerge and asking them to join me to start their journey, support each other, motivating each other will make things happen.

4. Find what you enjoy

I mix and blend my workouts throughout the week. I do Boxing to Circuits, Pilates to Martial Arts, Mediation to weight training and I enjoy doing them all. It just depends what mood I’m in or how much time I have. I have my weekly schedule and will generally stick to this.  I try to make sure that I cover all my energy systems and body parts throughout the week.  I would be so bored  doing the same thing over and over. If I find I am short of time, I pop into our Metabolic Blend 15 Wellness Hub and do one of the 15 minute workouts. We now have a wide variety of short workouts. Depending on time or energy you can do 1 class or blend it with another.  All the workouts were recorded live with either me, (Karen) or Adrian and we have literally something for everyone. I don’t have to think, just pop into the hub and off I go. I love face to face classes but during lockdown all my classes were online and it was so convenient. I shall be mixing both my online and face to face in the future.

Apply this to anything in your life, find what you enjoy. Life is for enjoying. Yes, there will always be ups and downs. There was never any promises that there wouldn’t be downs along the way but I want to feel stronger and better equipped to deal with them.

5. Nutrition

Stop starving yourself and look deeper into what you are actually eating. Please do not just cut out any major food groups unless you have seen a specialist. I have had many clients working on a 121 session tell me that they eat really healthily, NOPE. Its not until they start to write things down that they realise that they are over consuming. Mostly, processed foods or Alcohol. Instead of starving yourself all you may need to do is cut back on these things and eat nutritious foods. Be kind to yourself. (although this doesn’t mean eat what you want).

Im most successful when I track my foods, so I’ve bought myself a nice notepad. Writing down the good the bad and the ugly. Schedule the weeks menu to make sure that its nutritionally rich. This way I do not carry the guilt when I do want to enjoy myself and have a little indulgence now and again. I also noticed by tracking that I really am not getting enough protein into my diet. (note to self)

The HUB has lots of recipe ideas. It is not a diet but almost all of the recipes are low in sugar, include healthy fats and are pretty nutritious. They are a guide to inspire you to eat more healthily. Share your recipes with out community Group.

7. I’m setting A Challenge to re-emerge into the world.

Are you in? So, I have thought about my road map and shared a few of them with you, what I want and do not want. Yours may be very different to mine, but let’s start this journey together, we have 4 months. Pop over to the group. 

Let’s Go!